Elderly Wisbech St Mary couple forced to brace cold after thieves steal £300 worth of oil from garden oil tank

David Hurst

David Hurst - Credit: Archant

AN elderly couple had hundreds of pounds worth of oil stolen from the oil tank in their garden last weekend.

It is the second time David and Janet Hurst, of Tholomas Drove, Wisbech St Mary, have been targeted by thieves in the space of a year.

Criminals used bolt cutters to steal a £1,200 trailer from outside their home last February.

Retired carpenter David, 76, suffered a stroke seven months ago while his wife Janet, 73, is disabled and can not leave the house.

The couple spent £300 on fuel which they hoped would last them through the winter and spring.

Their daughter Tina Hiscox is horrified that her parents have once again been targeted.

She said: “What’s happened is disgusting. They had 500 litres of oil in the tank which would have lasted them a good few months.

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“On Tuesday my parents realised the oil had completely run out. They did not realise what had happened to them at first so suffered in the cold for several days. Dad went outside and saw the plant pots had been moved and all the oil taken.

“Since our trailer was pinched Dad has made the gate more secure so it looks like this time they got in through the other side of the house.

“Fuel is very expensive and my parents are only on a pension.”

The couple moved to France from the Fens two years ago and are very fond of the area.

Tina said: “They love where they live but this is making Mum scared to be on her own.

“They live in an isolated house so they don’t have anybody looking out for them.

“I know a lot of the people in the area have oil tanks so if people are vigilant and look out for each other then they may be able to spot someone that’s not supposed to be there.”

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