ELECTION SPECIAL: Whittlesey South returns county council planning chairman David Connor to Shire Hall

Whittlesey South: Karen Alexander-Green (Green), Martin Lodziak (Labour), David Connor (Conservative

Whittlesey South: Karen Alexander-Green (Green), Martin Lodziak (Labour), David Connor (Conservative), Graham Kitchen (Lib Dem) and Day Rhys-Owain (UKIP). - Credit: Archant

Winning candidate David Connor has a list of projects he will campaign on now he’s back at Shire Hall.

He said: “The issues I found were the roads; potholes, fighting to keep the minor injuries units open and keeping on track with the Kings Dyke crossing.

“In my next four years I shall endeavour to carry on with the work that has already been done to represent the people who voted for me.”

Cllr Connor, born and bred in Fenland, has been a county councillor for four years and is chairman of the county council planning committee, as well as being a member of the highways and community infrastructure committee.


David CONNOR (C) 1,691


Most Read

Martin LODZIAK (L) 247

Graham KITCHEN (LD) 192

Karen ALEXANDER (G) 150

29.8% turnout

8 spoilt votes


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