Elections 2021: Polling Day across Cambridgeshire

We’re sharing your pictures from the Polling Stations across Cambridgeshire and Fenland today (May 6). 

We’re sharing your pictures from the Polling Stations across Cambridgeshire and Fenland today (May 6). - Credit: Facebook/Enjoy Ely More 

Cambridgeshire and Fenland residents are heading out today (May 6) to cast their vote - here's some of our favourite photos and tweets.  

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Local Elections voters at polling stations

We’re sharing your pictures from the Polling Stations across Cambridgeshire and Fenland today (May 6). - Credit: Gareth Corfield

Voting continues until 10pm tonight. 

Elections are being held for the county council and for the Mayor of Cambridgeshire and for a new police and crime commissioner. 

The term of office for 60 of the 61 members of Cambridgeshire County Council is effectively over. Fresh elections will take place today (May 6). 

For one, of course, his time as a councillor, and that of a tenant of the council farms estate, ended abruptly and simultaneously at the end of April. 

Roger Hickford stepped down from his role as deputy council leader and member for Sawston and Shelford on February 26, 

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It was ahead of a decision to be taken by his former council colleagues over whether to release a report of an investigation into his tenancy and interactions with the county farms team. 

Tory Party chiefs, whilst confident of retaining control, have learned from past experience -including that of 2013 when UKIP delivered an extraordinary electoral blow – not to be complacent.  

Including the deputy leader’s former seat, they have held 35 of the 61 council seats – with Lib Dems, Labour and independents the remaining 26. 

Retention of that comfortable working majority is the goal. 

No one knows for sure, however, what affect the Hickford inquiry – that has come to be known as farmgate – will have on the minds of voters when they make their choices. 

Fenland is critical to continued success for the party – it returned nine councillors, all Conservatives, for the eight divisions in 2017. 

It includes the division of March North, the seat of council leader Steve Count, and that of Roman Bank where Simon King, eased out of Fenland Council by the Tory group over an expenses scandal, is clinging onto his political ambitions. 

Wisbech itself may also offer an insight into how well independents fare with former Conservative turned independent Andy Maul taking on Steve Tierney.  

And Simon ‘Spike’ Crowson, a homeless campaigner, banks on forgiveness by voters over his thoughtless Facebook post last summer against Cllr Tiereny, as he presents himself to the electorate. He is hoping to dislodge former mayor and town council leader Sam Hoy. 

Across Fenland, 37 candidates have put forward their names to contest the eight divisions. That compares to 48 four years ago.  

All divisions are single member wards with the exception of March North and Waldersey that has two county councillors to represent it.  

Apart from the nine Conservatives seeking re-election, Labour has also put up nine candidates to oppose them.


Independents field six candidates, the Green Party also has six names on the ballot papers whilst the Liberal Democrats have five candidates. 

There is also one candidate for UKIP and another to represent the Workers Party of Britain. 

The results should be known by the afternoon/evening of May 7.  

There is also a vote today for the Mayor of Cambridgeshire and Peterborough and for the police and crime commissioner for Cambridgeshire.

That result will be known on Saturday.