Ely College principal warns students of ‘fair and consistent sanctions’ if they breach rules on uniform- and provides parents with a ‘what’s good’ ‘what’s not’ guide

Ely College uniform requirements

Ely College uniform requirements - Credit: Archant

Students returning or starting at Ely College next month have been warned of “fair and consistent” sanctions if they breach the school uniform regulations.

Principal Evelyn Forde has told parents: “We believe that a school uniform helps to give young people a sense of identity and belonging”. To emphasis it she has sent parents a letter setting out “our expectations” of what the uniform requirements are and included a drawing showing what is acceptable.

She says trousers should be plain black, full length and traditional and “appropriate trousers are on sale in the school shop.

“We understand that there are a wide variety of trousers on sale in shops, which may be marketed as appropriate for schools.

“However many of these do not meet our expectations.”

To hammer home the point she advises parents that the following are not allowed:

•Leggings/jeggings, trousers made of stretchy/elasticated material

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•Cropped trousers, trousers that do not cover the ankle

•Black jeans/jean style, trousers made of denim or denim-like material and/or have raised seams

•Fashion trousers, those with decorative buttons and zips.

“Footwear should be plain black shoes, unbranded, make of a material that can be polished,” says the principal. “Trainers are not appropriate.”

Ms Ford says a school uniform reinforces the fact that all students are equally important members of the school business.

“Our core business is teaching and learning and our expectation is that all students arrive at their lesson fully equipped and ready to learn,” she says.

And she promised “fair and consistent sanctions will be put in place for any students who fail to do so and we will be in touch contact with parents/carers to reinforce our expectations”.

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