English Democrat contender for top Cambridgeshire police job promises to purge force of “political correctness”

A CANDIDATE to be Cambridgeshire’s first police commissioner has promised that if elected he will “remove motoring offences from statistics so that the clear up rate for real crime is clear to voters.”

The pledge is among many made by former Peterborough city councillor and English Democrat Stephen Goldspink, 53, from Turves near Whittlesey.

He said: “Our manifesto has good old fashioned English common-sense policies for policing and I expect will strongly appeal to the electorates of most English Constabularies”.

He said elected English Democrat commissioners “will purge their police forces of political correctness and focus their police forces on catching real criminals and maintaining traditional English law and order rather than politically correct social engineering projects or excessive harassment of motorists as an easy target to enable Chief Constables to claim inflated clear-up rates.”

He added: “If elected I shall remove motoring offences from Cambridgeshire police statistics so that the clear-up rate of real crime is clear to Cambridgeshire’s voters.

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“I also intend to seek a mandate from the people of Cambridgeshire that every police station should fly the Cross of St George.”

Mr Spink says he will also campaign for “a zero tolerance attitude on the part of Cambridgeshire’s police force to petty crime and anti-social behaviour that blights so many of our communities.

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“I fully intend to use the police commissioner’s power to dismiss the chief constable in the event of non-compliance.”

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