Enough is Enough

WHERE does the man in the street go now with regard to the politics of this once great Nation?

The Labour Party! Guilty of bringing us to the brink of bankruptcy and even now are having their MPs gaoled for expenses fraud?

The Conservative Party whose leader has so far reneged on every manifesto promise that they gave at the last election?

The liberal Party, whose party position, is falling faster in the polls than a Christmas night temperature.

Or any one of the smaller parties who have as much chance of winning than I have of being Prime Minister. Where is the Democracy? (Government of the people, by the people for the people) now no longer in existence in this country. The elected leaders, elected to do the will of the people have decided that that isn’t the way it’s done. Get elected then do as you please is the rule of law. The people of this once great country have shown in every poll conducted that they do not want the EU and even a national paper has come out and taken up that call.

But does the once great unbiased BBC take any notice? Has the government taken any notice? Has her Majesties opposition taken any notice and has the Coalition taken any notice? A coalition of the devil unknown and all Irish leprechauns against the devil so very well known.

We as the great British public have no where to go except on the streets in our thousands to say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH kick out the EU, kick out their stupid human rights act, bring back capital punishment bring back corporal punishment as a last resort, get rid of a vast amount of the stupidity that goes under the heading of health and safety. Ban all immigration until the present chaos is sorted out and then only if they have a job to go to and can pay their way. Maybe then we will begin to see a revival of the pride that was evident in this country in the 40s. But I feel at my age 74 I have seen the last of a great country I have thankfully lived through it’s great times and thankfully again will not be here at it’s final demise or heaven forbid it may come sooner than even I imagine.

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