Enough of the Twitter rants - is it time to film journeys and share examples of bad driving in Fenland?

“SOMEONE is going to get killed one day… it’s like a race track.”

Those are the chilling words of Terry Hall after a car crashed into his garden for the fifth time in just six years (click the first Related Link at the top of this page for full story).

These are words, however, which could describe any corner in Fenland – not just the B1101 in Coldham.

The narrow and bumpy nature of Fenland’s roads means that a hazard lies around every corner for motorists – and the situation is getting worse as outlined in a Cambridgeshire County Council report released earlier this month (click the other Related Link at the top of this page for the full story).

What annoyed me though is the reaction of Cambridgeshire County Council after Mr Hall’s garden was, once again, wrecked by a car.

You may also want to watch:

“There is a responsibility of drivers to be aware of the road.”

It’s clear to me that, unfortunately, many motorists are simply ignorant.

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Take, for example, my trip from Doddington to Peterborough on Monday. I came across a car speeding on the wrong side of the road between Doddington and Benwick and was overtaken in Ramsey Mereside village centre because I adhered to a 30mph speed limit.

I come across a wannabe Lewis Hamilton every day – and I’ve had enough of just ranting about it on Twitter.

As a result, I’m thinking of filming my journeys – and any cases of bad driving will appear on YouTube.

Anyone else agree? Comment below.

Fenland roads aren’t a race track – but some people just won’t listen.

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