Environment Agency boosts fish stocks for Cambridgeshire rivers

Calverton fish farm

Calverton fish farm - Credit: Archant

The Environment Agency is working hard to increase fish in rivers and streams across East Anglia by stocking thousands of species over a two-day restoration plan.

.Fisheries experts stocked 10,000 fish at several locations on the 28 and 29 November as part of the Environment Agency’s ongoing plans to develop and restore rivers in the region.

All reared at the Environment Agency’s fish farm, 10,000 young fish were stocked across a number of rivers and streams.

These included 500 barbel at the Houghton Trout stream, Lees Brook and St Ives chub stream in Cambridgeshire.

Environment Agency fisheries teams have been working hard to improve river habitats for fish and other wildlife.

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Paul Wilkanowski, fisheries expert at the Environment Agency, said: “We are pleased that we can provide these fish for stocking as part of our obligation to rod licence paying anglers.

“Restoration and the creation of new fisheries for all people to enjoy is a very important aspect to our work.”

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The fish all come from the Environment Agency’s fish farm at Calverton, in Nottinghamshire, where between 350,000 and 500,000 fish are produced to stock rivers across the country each year.

The young fish are reared for just over a year in a purpose built facility to ensure they’re super fit and healthy when they’re stocked. The fish farm is funded by Anglers rod licence fees.

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