Eradicate Polio Now campaign

THE killer disease Polio, is now all but eradicated in the civilised world, but continues to afflict young and old in a few pockets across the globe, chiefly Afghanistan, India, Nigeria, and Pakistan.

Not that long ago, Bill Gates of the mighty Microsoft Corporation set up a Foundation to ‘Eradicate Polio Now’ , with a huge cash donation. However, he was only joining an army that had been battling the disease for many years. In doing so, he gained 1.22 million foot soldiers.

Who are these soldiers?

Most likely, the man who lives next door, the chap in the car showroom, the professional who tends your personal and financial business. In March, they are Rotarians.

Rotary International has for more than 20 years led the private sector in the global effort to eradicate this crippling disease. The turning point came in 2009 when the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation awarded US$225 million, in addition the US$300 raised so far. In turn, RI has committed to raise a further US$200 million by June 2012.

The Rotary Club of March, as are those across the U.K. little by little helping to achieve that goal. These funds in effect, go out of the community, but large sums are also ploughed back into local activates, a few pounds here, �150 there, and all raised by from public generosity.

Every penny, there are no expenses.

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Press Officer, Rotary Club of March

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