Estover Playing Field is saved for the benefit of all

I had the pleasure of attending March Town Council Assembly followed by the Town Council meeting to hear the debate on the Estover Playing Field, and to understand the terms of the lease and how it was being proposed to arrange funding for development.

Mayor Councillor Kit Owen expressed his thanks to the town clerk for his hard work in securing this lease, which in turn has secured the playing field for the community for generations to come.

Whilst the Mayor was quite correct to give thanks to the town clerk, a big thank you must be given to others who have given so much to the retention of this field for the community.

For many years Susan Clenshaw and her team at the Estover Playing Field Association have continued to manage and maintain the playing field for use by football teams and keep the field open for general use by the community.

Without Sue’s hard work and commitment there would not have been a field to save.

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Secondly a big thank you must go to Trevor Watson who has led the residents of the March North Ward in their opposition to development and particularly any development on the Estover Playing Field.

The contribution to the retention of the field made by Trevor and the residents of March as a whole should not go unmentioned.

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Monday was a good day for March let us hope now that this major asset has been retained for the town. It can now be put to best use to benefit all.


Independent District Councillor March North Ward

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