Euro MEP says for too long “negative consequences” of immigration into Fenland have been ignored

European MEP Geoffrey Van Orden

European MEP Geoffrey Van Orden - Credit: Archant

FOR too long the negative consequences of immigration into Fenland towns have been ignored, says Euro MEP Geoffrey Van Orden.

“There have been some benefits to local industry but for too long the negative consequences have been ignored and discussion has been avoided,” he said.

“We see an impact on schools, health services, housing and even policing. In many areas our local councils struggle to cope.”

The MEP was commenting on publication of a Home Office report showing the impact of immigration on social and public services.

The report make particular reference to Fenland “migrant market towns” and the likelihood of increased waiting times at medical centres, overcrowded and poor quality housing and pressure on schools.

Mr Van Orden said the East of England was second only to London in the proportion of Eastern Europeans it has attracted.

He wants new controls on immigration and in relation to European migrants “I have called on the European Commission to face the consequences of its policies.

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“Action is also needed from our own government. Labour turned a blind eye. Now Conservative ministers are getting a grip - stricter tests are cutting back on non-EU migration and the magnet of benefits for European migrants is being turned off. It’s never too late.”

He added: “For my part I shall keep up the pressure for tough immigration controls and continue my efforts to get additional funding to help relieve hard-pressed local services.”

(Social and public service impacts of international migration at the local level: Published this week by the Home Office)