European Parliament calls for rules that could have saved life of Fenland man killed by German locum

THE Manea man unlawfully killed by Doctor Ubani would still be alive if the calls approved by the European Parliament this week according to a MEP.

David Gray was given an overdose of painkillers in 2008 by the German doctor and his sons Stuart and Rory Gray have been called for him to be struck off since their father’s death.

Richard Howitt welcomed the EU Parliament vote which called for the mandatory sharing of information between health services in the different European countries.

He said: “On behalf of Stuart and Rory, their 70 year-old father would still be alive, if the mandatory blacklist system the European Parliament calls for had been in place back in 2008.”

“MEPs called for a change to the law to clarify beyond doubt that language checks for foreign doctors are perfectly permissible, as well as requiring an “alert” system to ensure doctors under disciplinary investigation in one EU country cannot escape penalty in every country.”

Mr Howitt also critised the German authorities who failed to allow the extradition of Dr Ubani to stand trial in British courts.

“I am also incensed that Germany failed to extradite the doctor involved, despite the fact that an email dated 16 March 2009 to the Cambridgeshire Constabulary clearly shows the European Arrest Warrant was received before Daniel Ubani was finally judged to be incompetent,” he added.

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“His case should under the existing law have been heard in British courts.

“But I say with greatest respect to my German colleagues that changing the law only works if every EU country respects the law that is passed.”

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