European Union undermines member nations

Recent elections changed English politics forever. UKIP successes herald a turning point in the way the country is run.

All parties have glaring faults UKIP as well.

The turnout can be compared with that under the protectorship of Fenman Oliver Cromwell who nullified the rapacious rule of Charles I and took a broom to Parliament.

In our time the aggressor is the European Union which undermines member nations, is undemocratic and very largely anti-British.

The ill-conceived Union wastes billions of Euros and pounds.

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For the past 17 years accountants cannot make it add up.

Any nation joining it becomes equally corrupt.

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Cromwell re-built England’s army and navy, the mightiest in the world.

He would not suffer fools gladly. Nowadays our armed forces are being reduced to the point of not being fit for purpose and the world is becoming more dangerous and unpredictable.

Brussels shackles the nations of Europe and forces them to do its bidding.

It has happened before in England. Cromwell dismissed MPs from Parliament telling them “they had defiled it and turned it into a den of thieves by immoral practices. It had intolerable odours to the whole nation. It must go.”

Sounds familiar doesn’t it.

In Cromwell’s day England became an internationally respected nation.

No-one bossed us and the country was elevated to the loftiest pinnacle of strength and freedom.

Here in the Fens began the Commonwealth Nations, a force of good for the world.


St Peter’s Road, March

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