Everyone who submits letters are moaners and complainers - that’s why people write to newspapers

I FEEL I should respond to P Wright’s letter concerning me being a moaner and complainer (July 5).

Look at 90 per cent of the letters in the newspapers and the writers are moaners and complainers. That is why people write them.

Mr Wright himself was moaning and complaining in his letter.

I will just clear up a point about the St George’s Fayre. Mr Wright misinterpreted my letter – I didn’t say the councillors organised the fayre.

But there was a stall in town that day with the theme “come and meet your councillors” and they all had badges on. The mayor was in his finery. That was my point.

Why make everything political because that is what it was.

Finally, Mr Wright, you have no idea what I do for charitable organisations or what I do to help people.

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I don’t brag about it.


Nene Parade