Ex-Fenland woman returns for family visit... as vegetable entertainer Madame Zucchini

A woman who was brought up in March returns to the area tomorrow for a long-awaited family reunion. However, as NATALIE HUNT explains, she will have an interesting act to entertain her many relatives for the first time.

I LIVE in Sheffield and my brother Liam Hunt has lived in Utah, USA for the last nine years.

He has returned to March to visit for the first time since he left with his wife and two children to see his family, mother Eithnem, of Clydesdale Close, and father Jeffrey, of Norwood Road, brother Harry and myself.

The whole family is coming together at Norwood Road with other relatives (around 40 of us) that grew up in March.

My mother’s side arrived from Ireland in the 1940s and my dad’s side from Rutland and Norfolk but have since moved around the country.

I’m now a vegetable entertainer called Madame Zucchini and as most of these relatives have never seen me perform, I will be presenting for them my production of Jaws with vegetable actors, as it was one of Liam and my favourite films when we grew up.

My business is also a tribute to my dad’s former fruit and veg business of W Hunt and Sons of Chain Bridge, and my mum’s taste for glamour (she had shops in March in the 70s/80s first with wigs, “Bewigged by Eithne”, and then fashion, bric-a-brac and furniture “Gemini Antiques”) as Madame Zucchini loves vegetables and dressing up.

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• For more on Madame Zucchini visit www.madamezucchini.co.uk

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