EXCLUSIVE: Furious MP Barclay to meet Home Secretary over March illegal rave as he prepares ‘rogue’s gallery’ calling for witnesses

MP STEVE Barclay is to press Home Secretary Theresa May to ensure those responsible for the illegal New Year’s Rave in March which caused �50,000 damage are brought to justice.

The MP for NE Cambs visited the Hostmoor scene of the rave on Friday described it as “shocking stuff.”

He said he will be seeing the Home Secretary for lunch on Tuesday and will raise, as a matter of urgency, the illegal rave.

“There must be prosecutions,” he said.

Mr Barclay met businessman John Finn, who owns the factory which was broken into for the rave and which attracted 1,000 revellers.

Photos taken by Mr Finn “at the scene show the culprits who are identifiable” said the MP.

He is now putting together a ‘rogue’s gallery’ of faces which we will be publishing this week and which he believes can help in any prosecutions.

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“I absolutely agree that this is a priority-we have lots of other business premises which could easily be targeted,” said Mr Barclay. “Chatting with business owners nearby this was a clear concern.”

One of those who filmed part of the rave- and put the video on YouTube- said “what makes me laugh is where most of the damage was done.”

Answering criticism on YouTube he said it was not caused by “real ravers” and this was clear from where the damage took place.

However one person wrote that “if someone didn’t decide to organisean illegal party on someone else’s property there wouldn’t have been any damage in the first place.”

The man who filmed the video- who calls himself nickcfc2008 on YouTube- agreed after seeing the images on our website that “the damage is appalling. I went across the factory at about 4-5am and hardly anything was broken.

“Then I see your news reports the next day and the place was torn apart.”

The man added that there was a “massive cock up” when police pulled over the car with the sound equipment in but allowed it to carry on.

“Of all the cars,” he wrote. “Ha ha.”

Police visited the rave but decided, on “safety” grounds, not to break it up.

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