Existing Cavalry parking restrictions are ignored by parents - and the residents suffer

IN response to the inconsiderate car parking outside Cavalry Primary School, March.

I live at the other end of Cavalry Drive where we already have parking restrictions. But yes, you’ve guessed it, the restrictions make no difference to various people picking up their children from Neale-Wade Community College.

The only people inconvenienced by these yellow lines are the home owners and our guests. In fact we can look forward to double yellow lines so there will be no parking allowed at all.

This will cause massive inconvenience to my family and my neighbours, although not to parents picking up their children from the school as I’m sure the same culprits will continue to ignore the rules.

As Mr Towning points out, police turn up after everyone has gone.

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Can I also take this opportunity to ask about cycling on the footpaths? We have various cyclepaths in town and I fail to understand why children (and the odd adult) feel the need to cycle (at full speed) down a footpath when the cycle path is just on the other side of the road (i.e. down The Avenue and The Causeway).

Have the rules regarding this changed?

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I have sometimes had vile obscenities shouted at me for being in the way. Again there are never any police to be seen.


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