Expansion at Greenvale AP’s Floods Ferry site will secure the jobs of 150 staff

AN expansion at one of the UK’s leading suppliers of fresh potatoes will secure the jobs of 150 staff in Fenland.

Greenvale AP’s Floods Ferry Site is one of the company’s three packing sites which supply around 286,000 tonnes of potatoes a year. The extension should allow Greenvale to distribute an extra 15,000.

The company - whose two main clients are Tesco and Sainsbury’s - will close one packing site as a result of expanding the Floods Ferry warehouse to “improve efficiencies”.

The company says: “This plan will require the Floods Ferry site to accommodate a significant increase in capacity in capacity and will secure the longevity of operations and employment opportunities on the site for the foreseeable future.”

From humble beginnings as a farm house with a few barns the Floods Ferry site has continued to grow during the past 50 years. The main building underwent a major extension in 1990 and already offers 160,000 sq ft of factory space.

The site currently provides for short-term storage, grading, washing and packaging of potatoes. The factory has a road, staff car park and lorry park for deliveries.

The proposed extension will provide four new washing and packing lines and areas for storage and dispatch operations. It will run parallel to the existing washing and packing hall but separate access will be provided to the new extension.