Extension completed ahead of changes to appointment system at Chatteris surgery

KEYS to the new extension at Chatteris’ George Clare Surgery have been handed over to staff ahead of changes being implemented to the appointment system on October 4.

The new building, designed by L Bevens Associates Ltd and constructed by St Ives’ firm Inspire Ltd, has given the growing surgery three more consulting rooms and a training resource area.

Mike Wilde, practice manager, said: “The increase in the medical facility will enable the practice to build on its already recognised achievement as a leading surgery for the training of medical students - our doctors for the future.

“The extension will be fitted out during the next few days and will be brought into full use alongside changes to improve the appointment system.

“It’s a big step forward for all patients who will be seen more quickly without the discomfort of long queues either inside or outside of the building.”

The morning walk-in surgery will be scrapped, after more than 50 years of the service being offered, despite strong opposition from the George Clare Patients’ Group.

Staff believed changes had to be made after receiving questionnaires and feedback from patients who had highlighted the need for a new system.

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