Extra police patrols pay off, as PCSOs catch a group of anti-social youths in West End, March

POLICE have launched extra patrols in West End at March, after frightened residents reported a campaign of anti-social behaviour in the area.

The extra police presence has already paid off - a group of youths who were banging on windows was caught by two PCSOs, and the youngsters’ parents have been informed.

Over the past couple of months, gardens in the picturesque riverside area have been wrecked, drain pipes pulled down and householders have faced abuse from passing teenagers.

Councillor Jan French, who represents the area on the town and district council, said: “Some of the residents are fearful of reprisals and do not want to report the crimes, it is a very sensitive issue.

“Such behaviour is not acceptable, and we are not going to put up with is. One resident had their bird table smashed, it is just reckless vandalism,” she added.

“Most of the victims are elderly, some of them live along and it is quite frightening for them.

“The police have been excellent in their response. They have delivered letters and spoken to residents. We used to have this problem a while ago, and thought it had stopped. But all of a sudden it has started up again.”

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Fenland police inspector Robin Sissons said: “We hope that catching the group of youths has nipped the problem in the bud.

“But we will continue with the extra patrols, we are hopeful we have caught the main perpetrators. But I think West End will always be a problematic place, because a lot of people use it to get across the river and to get to the park.”

The anti-social behaviour problem was due to be discussed at a meeting of March Neighbourhood Forum yesterday.

Celia and Keith Anthony moved to West End from Whittlesey.

Mrs Anthony said: “We thought we had come to a really quiet area, but we have suffered from banging on our windows; someone banged so hard I thought they were coming through the glass.”

“Two or three weeks ago a neighbour had grafitti painted on their wall. But we love living here and it is a lovely community.”

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