Extremely regrettable and depressing that Wisbech homeless shelter will close

Under threat: Ferry Project, Wisbech

Under threat: Ferry Project, Wisbech - Credit: Archant

This is extremely regrettable and depressing.

Coming on top of the evidence of hunger in our midst (note the growth of foodbanks), the slashing of the grant will result in the disappearance of a vital service.

One sees clearly that the poor are being asked to bear an inordinate share of the burden of sorting out the country’s financial problems.

It needs to be emphasised that this financial black hole and its attendant misery was created not by the poor, whether local or migrant, but by irresponsible bankers who have not only not been called to account but have not paid back a penny of the monies which they stole from the rest of us.

I am also outraged that our local politicians have gone along with this charade and have not had the guts to ask the council tax payers of the Fens what we want.

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If asked for my opinion, I know how I would have voted.


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