Facebook group is just the ticket to prove that many of love Wisbech and have wonderful memories of the town

I don’t know if you are aware of the craze hitting Wisbech.

Jan Bush started up a Facebook page called “Wisbech pictures old and new” and its got so far 1365 members and growing daily; scroll down and have a look. It’s fantastic and there are people from America Holland Australia all joining in and so many members are finding old friends

Wherever I have been in Wisbech people (especially the older ones) are talking about it

Old photos have emerged from all over the place; I even put some on from my carrot topping days and got dozens of replies

There are lovely old views of Wisbech including the canal and long forgotten pubs; some people are posting pictures and doing little guessing games to see if people can guess where they are

You may also want to watch:

I really feel this could make a good story and I wonder if there are any other towns that have created anything like it.

It just goes to show despite all the bad press this town gets there are hundreds of us who love the place and the wonderful memories

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