Facet students pack a punch for fitness with Cambridgeshire Police

Facet students enjoy boxing

Facet students enjoy boxing - Credit: Archant

Students have been boxing clever with the help of Cambridgeshire Police who have been training them to keep fit and grow in confidence.

Facet students enjoy boxing

Facet students enjoy boxing - Credit: Archant

A group of 12 students from Facet in March have been enjoying weekly boxing sessions with Peterborough Police’s Chris Baker and coach Mark Burchett.

The sessions have been a great success, with participants getting involved and working hard each week on both their boxing technique and their fitness.

The Fenland Area Community Enterprise Trust or FACET promotes the rights of people with disabilities of any kind to have the same access to training and employment opportunities as every other member of the community.

Jo Stafford, programme supervisor from FACET, said: “This opportunity has been amazing for all our learners, the group have been incredibly enthusiastic and we have been getting to sessions earlier each week as they can’t wait to get here.

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“We have noticed changes with each individual including weight loose as the sessions have progressed. Everyone has grown in confidence is feeling fitter and have enjoyed the fun but challenging sessions Chris and Mark have been able to provide, we are definitely keen to do more sport sessions with our learners.”

PC Chris Baker, who runs CAMPOL, said: “The club was privileged to work with such an energetic and enthusiastic group. I’m proud to have seen such a change over the past few weeks in the group’s fitness, co-ordination and drive to learn boxing.

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“The FACET centre have a great team that support the group in achieving their goals and that’s what this course was all about making the individuals feel that they can achieve.

“I enjoyed every minute despite it being physically demanding dodging punches from all angles. Thanks again to Living Sport for the support in making the sessions happen. ”

The boxing group have been making the trip to Peterborough to visit Cambridgeshire Police’s Amateur Boxing Club, CAMPOL’s, training base at Paston Farm to have boxing lessons.

Thanks to a small grant of £200 from Living Sport’s charitable fund raising, the group have been able to pay for coaching at the sessions and t-shirts as a reward to all participants.

Living Sport is looking to continue to work with FACET to help them work to this ethos by supporting them to develop more opportunities like this one with CAMPOL.

Rebecca Gilbertson, Disability Sport Coordinator at Living Sport said: “It has been great to support such a fantastic group and ensuring our charitable fund raising efforts go to good causes. It was lovely to see the group in action, having so much fun getting sweaty and reaping the rewards of exercise. Thanks to Chris Baker for all his efforts and setting up the project.”

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