Transport charity delighted thanks to generous donation

FACT receive generous donation to continue Covid-19 work

The Fenland Association for Community Transport has received a generous donation to help continue supporting the elderly and vulnerable during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. - Credit: David Wilson Homes South Midlands

The Fenland Association of Community Transport, which has helped elderly and vulnerable people throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, have received a generous donation to keep their service going. 

The charity has received £1,000 from David Wilson Homes as part of its community fund scheme, a monthly initiative that supports local charities towards supporting their area. 

Nicola Christy, hub co-ordinator at FACT, said the charity is averaging 60-70 shops a day and hopes the grant can help them carry on their work. 

She said: “I think it is fantastic that a local business is willing to donate each month to help support the local community and improve the quality of life for those living in the area. 

“So, a big thank you for donating to us, it means a lot to us and our members. We went above and beyond to make sure they were all ok and the donation from David Wilson Homes helps us continue.”