Factory worker says: I have no doubt I saw a leopard on the A47 as I drove into Wisbech today

FACTORY worker Keiran Chatten described the moment he came face to face with a leopard – which strolled across the road in front of his car near Wisbech.

Mr Chatten, 26, was on his way to begin work early today when he spotted the animal as he got to the Cromwell Road roundabout on the A47 around 4.30am.

“He was walking from the right hand side of the road into the road and crossed path of my car,” said Mr Chatten. “I slowed down thinking it might be a deer. However I saw it clear as day with my lights on full beam. It was a surreal moment”.

Mr Chatten of March said by the time he pulled over to try and take a photo the animal had gone.

“It was like mottle camel colour, tannish, like a leopard,” he said. “It looked as if it had come from the Friday Bridge area and was heading in the direction of the river”.

Mr Chatten said he had always been sceptical of Big Cat stories “and really always thought them to be a bit of a spoof. I hadn’t really given it a thought, I suppose, but it’s a bit like a ghost- once you’ve seen and experienced one you start to believe”.

He added: “I often travel at that time of morning and I have seen hares, deer and sometimes people walking out. But I have no doubt today I saw a large cat of some kind- it walked across in front of me and I know I saw what I saw”.

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