Family shocked that police fail to attend scene of cycle theft

A FAMILY has been left devastated by the theft of their five-year-old daughter’s bicycle from outside their Wisbech flat, and shocked that the police have failed to investigate the crime.

The cycle was specially built for five-year-old Evelina Visernevs by her father Valerijs, and the youngster is distressed to have lost her precious purple cycle with its red seat and stabilisers.

Mum Aija Kuharenko is distressed that a cold-hearted thief targeted a child: “I was knocked out by the disappearance of my little girl’s bicycle, and I was even more shocked when the police said they cannot do anything without witnesses,” she said.

The police gave Aija a crime number when she reported the theft from outside the family’s address in Tindall Close, but did not attend the address. “I thought they would come and speak to neighbours,” said Aija. “I was very disappointed with their response.

“If the theft of money from a kid’s piggy bank is regarded as a crime worth investigating, what if a child’s bicycle is stolen?”

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It was about 8.30am on Friday that the theft was discovered, as Aija was about to take her daughter to school. “The cycle was in the corridor in a communal area,” explained Aija. “Her sister’s cycle was beside it, but that was not stolen.”

A police spokesman said: We take all reports of theft seriously and potential lines of inquiry in this case were investigated using information provided by the victim.

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“However, all crimes and incidents have to be graded according to their seriousness and urgency. On this occasion, due to other ongoing crimes and incidents and a lack of opportunities for investigation, an officer did not attend the scene. The crime happened between 5pm on October 18 and 8.30am the next day and there was no description of the offender.

“We would encourage people to ensure their bikes are secured with a good lock before leaving them to reduce the risk of having it stolen. Anyone with information should contact police on 101.”

The stolen cycle has the work Reflex written on the frame. Anyone with information is asked to contact Aija on 07864543157.

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