Farmer appeals for help in tracing his “very naughty” pair of bulls missing somewhere between Manea and Wimblington

A Belted Galloway

A Belted Galloway - Credit: Archant

To the ordinary eye they will look like a couple of cows grazing harmlessly in a field but to those in the know they are two cheeky cattle who have broken out of their field and are on the run.

A farmer is appealing for help to trace his Belted Galloway bullocks which are roaming somewhere between Manea and Wimblington.

Robert Rockcliffe said the pair of steers, which are 20 months old, managed to break free form their herd in a remote field in Manea and are now freestyle roaming in land somewhere near Block Fen RSPCA.

“They are very naughty. If anyone spots them it would be helpful if they could call me so we can come and get them and put them back where they belong.

“I would advise people not to approach them, they are not dangerous as such, but you wouldn’t want to get in the way of one of them running at you.

“To be honest I think they would be nervous if they saw people and would run away, but to be on the safe side, just give me a ring so I know their location.

“They’re lost in thousands of acres between Manea and the Block Fen area of Wimblington. They could be anywhere.”

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The bullocks are the size of a thirteen hands high pony.

Cambridgeshire Police have been informed after the pair went missing about a week ago.

Mr Rockcliffe can be contacted on 07776-137114.