‘Fast road too dangerous for 60mph limit’ as Lotus lies in ditch

A LONG, straight road interrupted with sharp corners in Fenland is too dangerous to have a national speed limit, a resident has warned.

March Road in Tipps End has a 60mph limit but Steve Hawthorn, who lives in the road, has called for it to be slashed after seeing a sports car come off the road into a ditch.

Last Thursday just after 6.30pm a Lotus Elise ended up in a dyke at the side of the B1100 as Mr Hawthorn was walking his dog. The driver is believed to be unhurt but Mr Hawthorn thinks next time it could be worse.

“It almost seems to be an ego thing for people to get from corner to corner as fast as possible but there are some very tight bends,” said Mr Hawthorn, a musician.

“It’s a 60 at the moment and people don’t often stick to that. I’m amazed at how fast people drive along that road - they overtake you if you drive at a reasonable speed.”

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Mr Hawthorn and his wife, Marion, moved up from London last year to renovate an old coachhouse in the road.

He said the speed limit on the road should be cut to 30mph and an electric sign showing people their speed should be installed.

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“The traffic just needs to calm down - it’s a very uneven road as well,” he added.

Thursday’s Lotus was travelling towards March. Mr Hawthorn said he always crossed the road when approaching the corners as he knew cars would not see him if they came round the bend quickly.

“Had I been on the other side, or the car on the wrong side of the road, it could have been very nasty,” he said.

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