FDC employee numbers

WHY the smoke screen from FDC about employee numbers? (Voice of the Fens) Seems a straightforward question to me without all the waffle.

However, viewing last year’s accounts on line which is public information, throws up some indisputable facts about senior employees...there were 28 individuals paid in excess of �50k three of whom were paid over �100k and one (the CEO at the time) a whopping �202k including perks such as pension (�26k) and car allowance (�13k).

One of the senior officers (presumably Mat Taylor) received compensation for loss of office of �45k. Mr Taylor of course apparently resigned, to live in OZ then NZ but was retained on a consultancy basis until unceremoniously sacked!

The remuneration packages for the 5 highest paid officers amounted to almost �440k in total. No wonder there’s a bit of a panic on!


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