Fed up with being harassed by ‘chuggers’ in Horsefair Shopping Centre, Wisbech

I AM fed-up with being harassed by “chuggers” who, it now seems, are frequently in the Horsefair Shopping Centre trying to get shoppers to hand over their bank details for whatever charity they represent.

I am not normally rude to people but this week I shouted “no thank you” at one of them.

There were many reasons why I wouldn’t stop, one of them being that I was not feeling well at the time. I don’t like being addressed by complete strangers as “how are you today love” or “what kind of day are you having, lady” (not a very good one and you’ve just made it worse).

No I cannot afford �2 a month for your charity. If some of us less well-off people donated money to all the myriad charities which now exist, we would have no money to feed ourselves or pay our bills.

I wonder if the Horsefair manager has an opinion on this?

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