Fenland and East Cambs buck the trend when it comes to unemployment with figures still falling despite a rise nationally

Julia Nix - JobCentre Plus district manager

Julia Nix - JobCentre Plus district manager - Credit: Archant

Fenland and East Cambridgeshire are bucking the trend when it comes to unemployment with both areas celebrating a drop in the number out of work.

While other parts of the country have seen a rise in the number of jobless Fenland and East Cambridgeshire both seen a drop off around 35 per cent in the number of people claiming Job Seekers Allowance compared to September 2015.

In Ely and East Cambridgeshire the number out of work fell by 10 from 250 in August to 240 in September. However, the number of younger jobless has remained at around 30.

But again this figure has dropped by 60 per cent year on year from 75 in September 2015 to 30 last month.

In Fenland the figures are not quite so dramatic but there has still been a fall in the numbers out of work. In August the figure was 490 and in September it had dropped to 425 - a difference of just over 13 per cent.

And compared to September last year the figure has fallen by 35 per cent.

The number of young people looking for work in Fenland was 90 in August and 75 in September - so a drop of just under 17 per cent. However, compared year on year the number of jobless young employed has fallen by over 65 per cent from 215 in September 2015 to 75 this year.

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Julia Nix, JobCentre Plus district manager, said: “It is just amazing. Most other places in the country have seen the number of people out of work rise in the last month or so. But we are bucking the national trend and are seeing the numbers out of work in our area fall.

“I am particularly proud of the staff at the Wisbech JobCentre who have done such a fantastic helping people find employment. They haven’t done on their own, they have worked extremely hard in partnership with the local authority, businesses and the Chambers of Commerce.

“There is still seasonal work available at the moment, so the real test will come as we move towards November and December and that starts to dry up.”