Syrah powers through injury to complete half-marathon trek

Syrah Arnold at Cambridge half-marathon 2021

Syrah Arnold sustained a foot injury and unable to run again until the day of the Cambridge half-marathon, which she finished. - Credit: TTP Cambridge Half/Pic2Go

A woman who sustained an injury less than two weeks before her Cambridge half-marathon event managed to complete the race to raise funds for charity. 

Syrah Arnold, who was supported by Café D-Licious in Wisbech, raised over £1,200 for Prostate Cancer UK after she completed the 13.1-mile course in two hours and 14 minutes. 

Artist Syrah, who trained through sciatica ahead of the event, injured her right foot and unable to run again until the day of the event on October 17. 

“I was really worried about how I’d cope, but also so determined to do this,” she said.  

“I’m feeling pretty great to have completed it, all running without any stops, and all in one relatively healthy piece!”

Syrah Arnold during Cambridge half-marathon 2021

Syrah Arnold during the Cambridge half-marathon. - Credit: TTP Cambridge Half/Pic2Go

Syrah was cheered on by her husband, son and friends as she ran the half-marathon for two men in her life who have been diagnosed with prostate cancer. 

She was also greeted with a welcome surprise by a man at Café D-Licious after the run. 

“I popped into the café shortly after their prizes were announced and was immediately handed £20 in cash, which a local gentleman had brought in for my fundraiser,” Syrah said. 

Syrah Arnold at Cambridge half-marathon 2021

Syrah Arnold with her son after the Cambridge half-marathon event. - Credit: Syrah Arnold

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“That’s the kind of ‘good news’ story and human contact that just makes all the painful training and the race itself so worthwhile.”  

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