Fenland athlete Louise Hazel pledges support for Fairtrade food at Olympic Games

FENLAND’S Olympic hopeful Louise Hazel pledges her support for Fairtrade food being available at this summer’s Games... by lying on a bed of coffee beans.

Commonwealth heptathlon champion Hazel, from March, is hoping to be selected for the games, which start on July 27.

Millions of visitors to the London games will be served Fairtrade certified tea, coffee, chocolate, sugar, bananas, wine and oranges.

An estimated 10 million Fairtrade bananas from the Windward Islands and South America will be eaten, 7.5 million cups of Fairtrade tea served, 14 million cups of coffee carrying the FAIRTRADE Mark drunk, and 10 million Fairtrade certified sachets of sugar grown by sugar farmers in Belize enjoyed.

An estimated Fairtrade premium of �100,000 will be generated over the two-and-a-half weeks for communities in developing countries to invest in social, environmental and economic developmental projects, such as sports fields, schools, clean water drinking holes and medical clinics.

A spokesman for the Fairtrade Foundation said: “The decision to serve Fairtrade food is part of the Food Vision report, which sets the standards for catering at the event, during which around 14 million meals will be served.

“The Fairtrade Foundation is a member of Sustain, an alliance of NGOs and not-for-profit organisations which has been advocating that the 2012 Games food promotes health and sustainability, wins new business for sustainable producers, and creates an important food legacy.”