Fenland author hails Oliver Cromwell as ‘Lord of the Fens’ in latest publication

AUTHOR and historian Trevor Bevis has hailed Oliver Cromwell as the Lord of the Fens and one of England’s greatest men in his latest publication.

The release of ‘Cromwell - Lord of the Fens’ coincides with the 350th anniversary of the Lord Protector’s death.

Mr Bevis - who lives in March and has written a series of books on the Fens - rates Cromwell alongside Winston Churchill as one of the greatest English figures.

In his latest work, Mr Bevis tracks Cromwell’s life from his birth in Huntingdon to his death in 1658.

The author describes how Cromwell became Farmer of the Tithes in Ely and served as MP for Cambridge. He goes on to document his efforts in restructuring democracy and his creation of the New Model Army - exploring his role and relationship with King Charles I.

The book’s blurb states: “Under Lord Protector Cromwell’s leadership the country was ushered into the modern age.

“A resident of the Fens, Cromwell raised the country to a pinnacle of respect and disciplined outlook, and introduced constitutional monarchy.”

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Copies of the book are priced at �3 and are available from Countryview, in Dartford Road, March, and elsewhere in the Fens.

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