Fenland boy, 6, performs with granddad in Peterborough pipe band

A FENLAND boy continues to prove that age doesn’t matter as he performs in a pipe band alongside a man more than 80 years his senior.

Little James Sustins, six, from March, learnt to play the drum so he could join his proud granddad John Hubbard in the Peterborough Highland Pipe Band.

The pair perform alongside 89-year-old George Kerr who is believed to be the oldest piper still playing and marching with a pipe band in the world.

Mr Kerr, who has been in the band for over 60 years, performed alongside James during the St George’s Fayre in March on April 17.

Sharon Ellwood, a band member, said: “This proves once and for all that you’re never too old or too young to perform in a band - Highland music spans all ages.”

Anyone wishing to join the band can visit www.peterboroughpipeband.co.uk or contact Ms Ellwood on 07592 000406 or via e-mail at sm.ellwood@talktalk.net