Fenland company recognise long-serving staff with special loyalty awards

DEDICATED workers at Fenmarc Produce have been recognised for their years of service with a host of special loyalty awards.

The Fenland vegetable growing and packing business presented 20 of its staff with the awards, which were given to those who had completed 10, 15 and 20 years of work with the company.

The awards were celebrated with a special meal, where staff were given hampers of chocolates, wine and flowers.

Mark Taylor, the company’s agricultural director who has celebrated 20 years of service, said: “Many businesses talk about people being their most valuable asset - the great thing about Fenmarc is that this can be seen and felt every day.

“The values by which the business is run belong to all colleagues equally; it’s not just about doing business, but the way we do it.

“It’s very simple for me, I enjoy what I do and the people I work with and that makes it a great place to work.”

Richard Anderson, managing director, said: “Investment in our colleagues is one of our core business values and the loyalty awards are a great demonstration of this.”

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Staff celebrating long service awards were: Mark Taylor, Beverley Garret Carol Hayes, Emma Baker, Abdesselam Elamrati, Edward Kightly, Adrian Carter, Richard Claxton, Tina Baglietto, Rachel Killingback, Julie Briscoe, Stephen Brown, Terence Briggs, Oliver Templeman, Steve Curson, Marina Koroleva, Elisabeth Watson, Alexander Jones, Jean Gutteridge, and John Marshall.

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