Fenland council chief knocked to ground during cuts protest

FENLAND council chief Alan Melton was knocked to the ground before the start of a meeting approving �161million of cuts and hundreds of job losses.

Councillor Melton arrived at Shire Hall in Cambridge yesterday to face activists from the Cambridgeshire Against the Cuts campaign.

He said: “I was late getting to Shire Hall because I had a doctor’s appointment and by the time I arrived there was quite a crowd around the main entrance. I was shouted at and told them ‘I will talk to you but I won’t be shouted at’ and there just seemed more and more people with their placards getting squeezed together.

“I was just about to go in when all of a sudden someone pressed the button and the double doors flew open and I was catapulted through the entrance with three people on top of me.”

People from inside the building, including county council chief executive Mark Lloyd rushed to his aid. Cllr Melton was shaken by the incident but his only injury was bruising and he went on to take part in the lengthy meeting.

He said: “I am absolutely fine. They were maintaining that it was their right to

protest, which I don’t have a problem with, but it was my right to enter the building and take part in the debate.

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“I did see the funny side of it but I have been going to Shire Hall for a long time and I am not going to use a side entrance.”

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