Fenland Council defers motocross plan as promoter says ‘the benefits far outweigh the nuisance’

MOTOCROSS promoter Andrew Villis claimed “the benefits far outweigh any nuisance there may be” as he pleaded for his 20-acre racetrack site to be declared legal.

Faced with a barrage of complaints about noise at the track near Block Fen, near Chatteris, he said: “We are confident the noise report will satisfy the planning panel, without a shadow of a doubt.”

Whether he’s done enough will be decided next month after Fenland District Council planning committee deferred his application on Wednesday.

His long awaited report on noise abatement was too late to be considered so the application was deferred.

Mr Villis said: “We are pleased about the deferment; we have a report to show there is no noise issue.”

Whether his report does that remains to be seen but evidence in front of councillors included a comment from one neighbour that the noise “is like having a swarm of bees buzzing in our heads and for very long periods”.

Mr Villis said he had “thousands of spectators coming to the venue, and the track bring huge regional prosperity. At the last event we held, there were 40 bed and breakfast places booked, and 100 take aways ordered, that is just a sample of the money it brings into the area.

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“In the Fens there is not much dynamic potential for growth, our site is a good way to encourage people to spend their money in this area.”

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