Fenland Council employs less personnel than in 2000 - so how many chargeable dwellings does it have?

VERY interested in Brakespeare’s article “It’s quite a job” in that in 2005 I requested and was sent the figures for Fenland District Council personnel and the number of chargeable dwellings.

Some, if not all made interesting reading in that:

• In 2000/01 FDC employed a total of 591 personnel to look after 36,430 chargeable dwellings

• In 2005/06 FDC employed a total of 758 personnel to look after 38,995 chargeable dwellings

My maths may need checking but this appeared to be a seven per cent increase in chargeable dwellings for a 28 per cent increase in personnel.

You can imagine my interest when I saw your article in which the figure given to you by the GMB union show that the council now employs only 515 personnel.

If this is correct well done to the council for employing less personnel than in 2000.

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I would be interested to know how many chargeable dwellings the council now has?


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