Fenland Council has scrapped family membership plan - it will cost my family £186 more each year to access facilities

FENLAND leisure centres no longer offer a family ambassador membership plan, even though the government is encouraging ‘change for life’ aimed at families.

All other memberships have had an increase of 2.7 per cent (I am told by staff at the centres), however the council can no longer value the family as a unit as it has scrapped the option completely.

For my family it will now cost us £186 a year more (the cheapest way with a 12-month tie in) to be able to access the same facilities.

I sent an e-mail to the council on March 16 outlining my dismay, received some kind of automated message saying I would receive a reply by March 29 and have not.

Why does the council feel a family membership should not be offered any more? Why not just increase it by 2.7 per cent along with everything else?

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Via e-mail

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Editor’s note: We passed your e-mail to a council spokesman, who offered the following explanation:

“The current squeeze on all local government finance has forced us to make some changes to our leisure pricing. Unfortunately, our previous family membership offer, which represented an enormous saving, is simply no longer viable.

“We have invested a huge amount in our leisure centres over the past few years. The increases in some charges are regrettably necessary to enable us to continue to provide a high-quality service. They still give residents access to our facilities at very reasonable prices and our new 12-monthly direct debit scheme enables many existing members to continue to use them at no extra charge.

“We have now replied to Mrs Silvester explaining the reasons for the changes. We apologise for failing to respond by the promised date.”

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