Fenland Council inspired me to stand after rejecting my profit-making idea

I AM standing for election in March West after being inspired by Fenland District Council.

The Tories are going mad on cutbacks, jobs and services because we have little money. They are still striving to privatise everything else they did not the last time they were in power.

I feel we should try to make money and cut high wages first, not jobs and services. The council should be run as you would run a business - to try and make a profit, not go into debt.

A decision to not allow me to make more money for Fenland could be due to the Tory-run council, which is thinking of privatising Fenland’s gyms.

I asked to supply the gyms with protein, slimming drinks and other supplements on a sale or return basis, for just shelf space in each gym, and I would move items around to get the feel of what sells best in each area at no cost to the council.

My reply was: “We have spoken to another authority and we are not going to proceed.”

The three gyms had 700,000+ visits according to the last yearly figures. Protein is scientifically needed to repair after any workout.

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If the gyms sold a protein drink per visit for just �1 they could potentially make about �200,000 profit from just that one item, which is money that would be put back into Fenland.

I am sure I can make money from other avenues in the council, as the potential for the gyms has clearly not been met and has no intention of being met.


Independent candidate, March West

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