Fenland Council reveals how problems with a nuisance neighbour were solved – but it took ingenuity to do it.

Fenland District Council

Fenland District Council - Credit: Archant

Fenland Council has revealed how problems with a nuisance neighbour were solved – but it took ingenuity to do it.

Councillor David Oliver, cabinet member for the environment, explained the resolution in a report to Fenland councillors.

“A property in March has had issues with an elderly lady knocking on the complainant’s door to excess,” he reported.

“The elderly lady was coming down 10 or more times a day and on one occasion was pushing her way into the property.

“A visit was conducted to get more information and a follow up investigation was actioned after the visit.”

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Cllr Oliver noted: “The alleged perpetrator was spoken to and given words of advice.”

It was then council officials spoke to adult social care and mental health partners to see if support was in place.

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“Nothing was found on records to suggest the alleged perpetrator needed further support so a letter was sent to discuss the issues,” said Cllr Oliver.

“It was also advised that the complainant relocate a bench that sat under her window to not encourage the neighbour to sit so close to the property.”

Result? “The door knocking has ceased” Cllr Oliver was able to report.

His report was part of a series presented to councillors that showed how Fenland Council has resolved three anti social behaviour cases in July “with positive interaction with relevant parties.

The council noted, however, there are two cases outstanding from previous months 2and these are being investigated”.

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