Fenland Council should get on with it rather than pick on the soft targets

FENLAND District Council should stop pussy footing and get on with what councillors have decided, what a Government inspector has sanctioned and what the law allows - namely the removal of the travellers from the site in Redmoor Lane, Elm.

Whatever the merits inherent within the travellers’ case these have been dealt with and the community is entitled to know the council is not holding back from appropriate action.

This, you will recall, is the same council that pursued John Gawthorp so relentlessly against his illegal home at Bedlam Bridge, March, and razed it to the ground.

This, you will recall, is the same council bulldozed the home of ‘Spud’ and Jill Griffin in Begdale because their mobile home was a few yards outside of the development boundary for the village.

And this, you will recall, is the same council about to rip down an illegally erected smoking shelter at an Indian restaurant in Chatteris.

Fenland District Council is not entitled to cherry pick the easy or soft targets and hope the rest get quietly forgotten.

It simply won’t do.

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And we will constantly remind them of their obligation to be fair, decent and transparent to the whole community – not simply those parts of the community much easier to fell.

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