Fenland Council will decide if mobile home - lived in for seven years without planning consent- can stay

Caravan in Brownlow's Yard, March

Caravan in Brownlow's Yard, March - Credit: Archant

A council will decide if a mobile home that has occupied an industrial yard for seven years without planning permission can stay.

Mick Brownlow has applied to Fenland District Council to allow the caravan to remain on a site off Creek Fen, March.

His agent, Trevor Feary, says the caravan in ‘Brownlow’s Yard’ is occupied by one of Mr Brownlow’s workers and the application “would represent logical infilling”.

Mr Feary argues that the caravan also provides “a measure of security” to the commercial yard and helps reduce crime.

And he says that by allowing the home to stay it will help meet housing targets for March.

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“There is adequate car parking adjacent the caravan and ample turning facilities,” he says.

The rest of the land owned by Mr Brownlow fronting Creek Road and Flagrass Road has been planted with trees.

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“Accordingly there is a pleasant appearance to this corner,” says Mr Feary.

“This landscape belt visually wraps around the application site and has been unaffected by the stationing of the caravan; indeed the landscaped area has continued to mature over the seven years the caravan has been there.”

Mr Feary also says the caravan has been positioned to protect the occupier from noise from the commercial yard.

“In any event the caravan occupier is employed within the yard and accordingly has control over any noise generation,” says Mr Feary.

“The caravan provides a small unit for rent and has satisfactory amenities and facilities. Its presence helps reduce crime and creates a mixed use unit. There are no negative impacts on neighbouring commercial and residential occupiers.

“This can simply be considered as sustainable in-filling.”

* Earlier this year fire crews attended a fire at Brownlow’s yard when a caravan caught fire in the yard. Businesses in the yard – which include a car repairs company and a furniture workshop-, escaped damage.

It is thought a young mum had been living in the caravan but was not there when the blaze set hold.

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