Fenland couple celebrating 70th wedding anniversary

A FENLAND couple are today celebrating their 70th wedding anniversary.

Ron and Betty Brown, of Station Avenue, Murrow, married at Sutton St Edmund’s church in Lincolnshire in 1941 after their teenage-friendship blossomed.

They have always lived in the Fens and moved to Murrow 64 years ago. They have had four children (Terry, Ann, Eileen and Kim) during their marriage.

Mrs Brown, 88, said: “I always expected us to be together for our whole lives as in those days marriage always meant for life.

“You have to go through your ups and downs together, everyone has them, and if people say they don’t then I think they are lying.

“Couples today throw in the towel too easily when things get tough and people think the grass is greener on the other side. I don’t think it usually is.

“The key to a long and happy marriage is just to be content and not wanting something you can’t have. I suppose I’d be lost without Ron.”

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Mr Brown, 90, has been a lorry driver for most of his life and his wife says she has worked in “anything that came along” to help make ends meet.

The pair now have seven grandchildren (Dean, Kerry, Darren, Craig, Matthew, Jessica and Tom) and nine great-grandchildren (Aaron, Danielle, Ryan, Hannah, Chelsea, Ruby, Kieron, Libbie, Lily).

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