Fenland couple forced to stop replacing garden shed... because it needed planning permission

A COUPLE who bought an ex-council house and began replacing a dilapidated garden shed found themselves “ensnared by a lack of knowledge of planning regulations”, their agent told Fenland District Council.

Geoff Taylor says a “simple” inquiry at one of the council’s one-stop shops asking if they could replace the shed without permission never dealt with possible pitfalls.

“It is unfortunate that the advice did not include the caveat that consent would be required if the building was less than prescribed distances from boundaries or higher than the previous structure,” said Mr Taylor.

He has now applied for retrospective permission to get the new shed at the house in Tower Road, Friday Bridge, approved.

He said Jason Lea and his partner bought the house with a garden store shed in a dilapidated state and once it was demolished began work on a replacement by putting down a concrete base at the same distance from the boundary.

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“The timber framed structure has been erected and partly clad with the roof trusses in place,” said Mr Taylor. “At that stage the applicant was told that planning consent is required and they stopped work immediately.”

Mr Taylor added: “At the end of the day this is a garden shed with uses incidental to the enjoyment of the property - and an opportunity to tidy the rear garden. It does not adversely affect any neighbour but does improve their privacy.

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“There is no financial benefit to the applicants from the proposal - no business will be conducted from the site. Apart from garden storage the only potential use is Mr Lea’s hobby of constructing model radio controlled aeroplanes.”

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