Fenland District Council councillors’ meeting attendance rates and allowances revealed

Council leader John Clark had a perfect attendance record.

Council leader John Clark had a perfect attendance record. - Credit: Archant

Only eight councillors attended all their meetings, with some councillors attending less than half of them, a report has revealed.

Councillor Alex Miscandlon attended all 27 meetings.

Councillor Alex Miscandlon attended all 27 meetings. - Credit: Archant

According to Fenland District Council’s members allowances scheme, between April 1 2014 and March 31 2015, council leader John Clark (22 out of 22), Councillor Jonathan Farmer (four from four), Councillor Jan French (17 from 17), Councillor Kay Mayor (27 from 27), Councillor Ken Mayor (six from six), Councillor Alex Miscandlon (27 from 27), Councillor Michelle Tanfield (17 from 17) and Councillor Steve Tierney (nine from nine) had perfect attendance.

Councillor Will Sutton (43 from 44) had the busiest schedule, followed by Councillor Peter Murphy (34 from 36) and Councillor Kit Owen (30 from 34).

The councillors with the lowest average attendance were Councillor Mark Archer (two from 10), Councillor Martin Curtis (two from six), Councillor Pop Jolley (three from seven) and Councillor Steve Garrett (three from seven).

In total, councillors attended 83.8 per cent of meetings (638 out of 761).

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Councillor Murphy (£1,865.40) claimed the most for travel and subsistence, followed by Councillor Ken Mayor (£1,122.75), Councillor Will Sutton (£1,030.95) and Councillor David Oliver (£1,028.35).

Councillor Rob Skoulding did not claim any allowance, while Councillor Gavin Booth, council leader John Clark, Councillor Dave Patrick and Councillor Will Sutton opted not to receive the agreed increase to the allocated allowance.

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Councillor Jonathan Farmer was disqualified for possession of a firearm, while Councillor Mark Archer was disqualified after upping sticks and moving abroad.

ATTENDANCE (per cent)

Archer 20

Booth 87.5

Broker 88.2

M Bucknor 73.7

V Bucknor 71.4

Butcher 86.4

Chambers 57.1

J Clark 100

S Clark 86.7

Connor 62.5

Cornwell 68.4

Cox 90

Curtis 33.3

Farmer 100

French 100

Garratt 42.9

Hodgson 83.3

Hoy 64.3

Humphrey 85

Jolley 42.9

Keane 78.3

King 85

Kay Mayor 100

Ken Mayor 100

Melton 71.4

Miscandlon 100

Murphy 94.4

Newell 87.5

Oliver 92.9

Owen 88.2

Patrick 72.2

Quince 84.2

Seaton 91.3

Skoulding 95.8

Stebbing 72.4

Sutton 97.7

Swan 57.1

Tanfield 100

Tierney 100

Tunley 69.2

Yeulett 84.6

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