Fenland District Council shouldn’t threaten to fine people for walking dogs off lead without proper consultation

I DON’T agree with putting dogs on leads and Fenland District Council threatening to fine people �75 for not doing so without putting it out to proper consultation, i.e. putting a letter through everybody’s door or carrying out a survey that we can fill in.

To say that 98 per cent of people agree with the rules is misleading. I never knew about the survey, neither did my neighbours nor the people I have spoken to about this.

I agree with much of what’s in the consultation but I do not believe that dogs should be on leads in fenced-off areas and open spaces. Putting them on leads close to children’s play areas and in town centres for safety is common sense.

If dogs do not run around they do not socialise - and that’s when you get problems.

Most owners are responsible and pick up the mess. If we see anyone who doesn’t pick up the mess we tell them to - and if they still don’t, we do.

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But irresponsible owners are few and far between.


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