Fenland District Council should wind turbine referendum

AN addition to existing wind turbines at Glasmoor Wind Farm, Whittlesey, is being approved by Fenland District Council in the stampede to proliferate wind energy. It may also be recognised as the rape of the coutnryside.

Aesthetic values are not even being considered and the march of these incongruous contraptions are bringing about an element of destruction to our (once) green and pleasant land.

The same mentality at work in the unique Fens emanates from councils and promoters of green energy and the towering destroyers of Britain’s acclaimed scenery march relentlessly onwards.

From tentative beginnings green energy is proving to be highly expensive and will become even more so. For many it is an unwelcome monopoly and it is being foisted upon us without official public opinion.

The council should ask the electorate to consider a referendum on such an aesthetically important issue and at least limit the number of turbines in its catchment area, then concentrate on the preservation of the historic Fens’ unique outlook.

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