Fenland Enterprise Business Awards: Winners urged to go out and brag about their success

WINNERS of this year’s Fenland Enterprise and Business Awards were told to “go out and brag about it”.

The advice came from John Elworthy, Editor of the Cambs Times and Wisbech Standard and principal organisers of this annual event.

“Make no mistake – our winners are the best,” he said. “They’ve been subjected to intense scrutiny by a distinguished panel of judges – for whom we are all indebted - and to have arrived here tonight is an accolade of their progress and sustainability.

“So, you winners, what are you to do with your awards? Yes it’s a nice trophy, yes, or hopefully, you will reflect that it was a wonderful evening, but then what?

“Let me offer some advice. Brag about it. Put it on your letter heading and e-mails. Put it in your advertising. Tell your friends, let your competitors know and very importantly tell your staff.

“Winning isn’t necessarily the bee all and end all but achieving most definitely IS and Fenland has achieved mightily this year.”

Mr Elworthy said 2010 had been an exhilarating experience “given the number of entries, especially given the current and difficult economic circumstances which prevail and especially given the quality of the entries we have received”.

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Mr Elworthy said that earlier that day the paper had been tracking the sentencing at Cambridge Crown Court “of a particularly loathsome rogue trader charged with ripping people off.

He said: “The actions of Kerry Nurse, and not for the first time either, besmirch the good name of reputable businesses but more importantly empty the wallets, despicably, of hard working people who trusted him with their cash.

“Tonight I’ve more than got the smell of that particular individual out of my system but whoever says bad news drives good news out of the paper doesn’t know the Cambs Times and Wisbech Standard that well.

“Yes we’ll report the bad apples but boy will we report the good news of tonight’s awards.”

Mr Elworthy thanked judges, sponsors, and guests for supporting this year’s awards and promised 2011 “will be an even greater celebration of Fenland enterprise”.

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